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Now that you know
Now that you know, will you stop looking at me?
Now that you know my feelings, will that change anything?
We barely said anything before.
Don't make 'barely anything' turn to 'nothing'.
Will you step up to the plate and accept it as a childish crush?
Or will you run, thinking my feelings are deep?
Now that you know, will you mistake it for love?
Will you tell her about it?
About that little girl who blushed at your name?
Will you tell her and explain to her that you'll only ever love her, even though your relationship most likely will not last?
Will you explain that even though you smiled at me
And laughed at my jokes
And made my heart do backflips
And gave up your seat for me just to sit on the floor and lean against my legs
And noticed me when no one else did
And made everything fine when I felt it was not just by being there
That you never looked at me and thought
Now that you know?
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Sherlock Cosplay by Author4ever Sherlock Cosplay :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 4 7 Avengers Road by Author4ever Avengers Road :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 3 3
In a room full of people
They are all I see
Fingers intertwined
Eyes transfixed
Mouths curled upwards
Representing happiness
That I have never known
The clink of glass
Inspires me
Appallment replaces smiles
Moves are made
To clean my mess
They treat me like a child
"How could you break the glass it was expensive I can't believe you you were so clumsy--"
I don't even care
A smile replaces my scowl
Because they are no longer transfixed
No longer holding hands
No longer showing the happiness
That I have never
Will never
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PrussiaxReader-Office Romance 3
     Rather loud vulgarity filled your apartment at around five in the morning as your phone vibrated to the strains of "I'm Awesome" by Spose.  You awoke with a jolt and sat up, rapidly rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you blindly groped through empty air for your phone.  Finally, your hand closed around it and you brought it to your ear.
     "What?" you snapped.  You were not a morning person.
     "Schätzlein, you coming in to work or what?"  …Of course.  Why wouldn't he call you so damn early?
     You pulled the phone away from your face and looked at the screen through blurry eyes.  The contact name was "Awesome Gil Is Super Sexy" with a picture of Gilbert he obviously took quickly while he was in the elevator waiting for you.  You tried to ign
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Sunday with a Flu by Author4ever Sunday with a Flu :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 4 7
Another PolLiet Preview
     In that dark corner of the house, where the wallpaper was faded and torn, where the roof had caved in, where dust coated the floor and hung so thickly in the air it was like staring into a fog, he lay.  He lay like the broken scrap of a nation he was, curled around the half empty bottle of vodka he'd been nursing for days.  His eyes were bloodshot from the alcohol coursing through his fragmented body and his hair was mussed and disgusting from the weeks he'd gone without moving from his little black corner.  The scarf that never left his body wrapped about his face so only one petrified purple eye gazed up at Lithuania, wide and terrified, so unlike the ominous eyes that used to stare the Baltic state down until he collapsed. Crack.
     "You're leaving me?" said a quivering voice from within the folds of the ratty old scarf.  Lithuania almost showed concern for the pitiful thing that
:iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 4 2
Preview for Angsty-ish PolLiet...
*Technically, if I ever attempt to actually work on this, it will be PolxLiet or LietxPol or whatever.  Don't like, don't read. Thanks<3*
"You remember where the bathroom is, right, Liet?" Poland asked.  Lithuania nodded as he passed Poland, taking the soft white towel from his friend's outstretched hand.  After turning a corner or two and opening a door, he found himself in a steamy room with a tub full of hot water and bed clothes laid out for him on the counter.  Even if Poland was a jerk basically their whole lives, he sure did seem to be making it up to Lithuania in the mere hours he had been at his place.  It was literally the day of Lithuania's escape from Russia's house, and it was taking him a while to process the fact that he had finally been permitted to leave, and was now reunited with the country he had once been a commonwealth with.  
        Lithuania slowly slipped int
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PrussiaxReader-Office Romance 2
     The girl at the front desk, whose name you found out to be Elizabeta Héderváry, invited you to go to lunch during her break in a few hours.  You agreed since you wanted to make as many friends as possible in the office building.  
     Around lunch time, you dropped by the large building again and Elizabeta was waiting for you, smiling.  Even though you hadn't known her that long, you two seemed to click and plus…you kind of wanted to know more about Gilbert.
     "Hello," she said cheerfully when you approached.  She had a bag tucked under her arm tightly, as if expecting someone to steal it.  You were doing the same.  If Gilbert was in the same ten mile radius of you, you decided, you would stay on your toes in terms of protection of your belongings, and possibly yourself from what Elizabeta was telling you as you waited to be brou
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Spamano Promotional Poster by Author4ever Spamano Promotional Poster :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 76 22
PrussiaxReader-Office Romance 1
     "Hi~!" said a cheery girl sitting at the front desk as you entered the huge building, nervously fingering the thin strap of your purse with one hand and clutching a manila folder with your other one.  You approached the girl, who had beautiful long almond-colored hair, large green eyes, and a pink flower tucked behind her ear.  She smiled kindly at you.  "What can I do for you?"  You noticed she had a bit of an accent that was foreign to you.
     You cleared you throat, trying to keep the wavering out of your voice.  "Um, my name's _____ _____...I'm here for the job interview."  Your voice rose at the end of the statement, making it sound like you were asking a question.  
     The girl's eyes lit up excitedly.  "Oh, hello,_______!  We heard you would be coming.  Here, I'll call up to Mr. Carriedo's office.&
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Happy Birthday WaterMagic99 by Author4ever Happy Birthday WaterMagic99 :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 2 35
To Those
This is to those, who
Held grudges against me from when we were young,who
Averted their eyes when I smiled or waved,who
Told me to shut up when I tried to speak, who
Even would tell me to just leave this place, who
Ran off in laughter when I did come near, and who
Simply ignored me--this is to you.
To all of the HATERS ; thanks for the love!
:iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 1 11
What Lies Ahead by Author4ever What Lies Ahead :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 7 9 Practicing by Author4ever Practicing :iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 0 3
What DeviantArt Has Done
*This isn't really a poem, more of a drabble, but I didn't know where else to put it*
Before deviantart, I didn't know what yaoi was.  That's changed QUITE a bit.
Before deviantart, the only flag I knew was my own.  Now I can name almost every European one.
Before deviantart, Hetalia was so-so.  The fan-art has made it amazing.
Before deviantart, the word vital didn't make me laugh.  Now I'm afraid I'll get in trouble during global.
Before deviantart, I had nothing to do when I went online.  Lately I've been preoccupied emptying my messages.
Before deviantart, I didn't know any animes.  Now I'm a freaking anime nerd.
Before deviantart, I thought anime looked like...what my early drawings looked like.  Take a look back and you'll know my embarrasement.
Before deviantart, I didn't give a darn about drawing so much as a way to procrastinate.  It's still a great procrastination tool, but I do it more as a hobby
:iconauthor4ever:Author4ever 1 5



is procrastinating~
United States
Hey, I'm Author4ever. I don't wish to go blabbing about my age or location, so I'll just say I wish I could draw but I think I'm a pretty good writer (hence the username...)
I am a Hetaholic--and a SANE one at that, thank you very much. I'm not an insane creepy yaoi fangirl, more of a....perverted, foul-mouthed nerd. And don't take that the wrong way. I just laugh at stupid sexual references, enjoy Spamano, and swear like a sailor. Nothing more to it.
I like other mangas/anime too, like Deathnote, Black Butler, Alice in the Country of Hearts, and I hate to admit it but Vampire Knights as well.
I play three or four instruments, speak English and French and know a few phrases in several other languages (ii tenki desu ne, or QUE LINDO~:heart:)
Please avoid my drawings and just read. Please, I beg of you, avoid my early works. They are a disgrace to my username.

Current Residence: A house
Favourite genre of music: Rock, dubstep, indy rock, alternative, cultural
Favourite photographer: purplesweetpea
Favourite style of art: Fanfictionnn~
Favourite cartoon character: Prussia.
Personal Quote: "If life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie and pie life." -Me
I got my global teacher to watch Hetalia. Like. a. Bu$
  • Listening to: Florence + the Machine
  • Watching: My cat sleep
  • Drinking: Hot cocoa


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